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W. Ross Clark II went to join God's choir of Heavenly Angels on the evening of Saturday, December 19, 2009. (Actually, we're pretty sure he's leading the choir by now). Ross was born on March 17, 1974 and spent his 35 years making beautiful music and bringing joy to those around him. He also fought a nearly life-long battle with Type 1 diabetes with a strength and grace that serves as an inspiration to all who knew him.

Ross finally decided it was time to move on to a bigger and better life in the spirit. He leaves behind a loving circle of family and friends and a legacy of music that will live on forever. Those who wish to honor Ross' memory can do so by enjoying his music and making music in their own lives. His musical legacy also lives on through Ross's Gift: The W. Ross Clark II Award for Outstanding Musicianship, an annual scholarship awarded to a senior graduating from Oneida High School, Ross's alma mater. Anyone wishing to contribute is encouraged to email joannasero@gmail.com for information.

Ross wanted so much for his family and friends to stay in the fight for the cure and had great hopes for a variety of research initiatives, including stem cell research. He prayed that he would somehow be part of making sure that no other child, no other teenager, no other young adult would experience the "postponed promises/delayed dreams" brought on by the complications of diabetes. If you would like to join in the fight for a cure, please consider making a donation in his name to the American Diabetes Association.

Ross was given the incredible gift of 8 additional years to make music through the miracle of organ donation. Please consider helping to give the gift of life by becoming an organ donor. To find out how to become a donor in your state, visit www.donatelife.net.

Forever at Home in Our Hearts...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

From Bob Canning

Ross, you will forever be the lead White Boy. You, Kim Howe and myself would sing our impromptu numbers at musical rehearsals or parties and we called ourselves The Three White Boyz. We were THAT cool. Mr. Big's "To Be With You" was our biggest hit. In fact, most of my memories of you have music involved in some way, which should come as no surprise. Vocal Jazz, the musicals, the way you would enthusiastically scat like Steven Tyler in "Rag Doll." My high school years would not have been the same without Ross Clark. Vocal Jazz trips, the musicals, and the hanging out afterwards... I remember one long walk from Caroline Reid's house to your house... My love of music might not be the same if not for Ross Clark. Your love was so joyous and pure. I envied your no-fear attack of scat solos in Vocal Jazz. I envied your hair, too. I'm glad that the Internet has helped keep us in touch, I only wish we would have had more opportunities to hang in person. You're forever in my heart, friend. Keep singing. Keep singing.

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